Twente University are pro-active with adoption of Lync

Twente University are pro-active with adoption of Lync

When the current telephone switchboard of Twente University (TU) was about to reach the end of its product life, the TU choose to go for an innovative solution. The university is currently in the midst of a phased implementation process of StartReady’s Microsoft Lync Enterprise Appliance. The companies dedicated attention during the adoption phase makes for a smooth rollout so far.

Twente University dedicates a lot of time and attention towards the adoption of Lync. Quadvlieg, project leader and information analist: ‘It is important to us that the new technology is well received by our workforce. To make sure that we create a smooth transition phase, it is essential to invest time and effort at the beginning. We personally help people, one by one. Because each workplace is different. Employees are allowed to choose their own devices and we help them with the setup of their own Lync Client. Lasonder, director of the university’s ICT-service center, attributes two pillars upon which a successful implementation should rest. “Our personal approach and immediate recognition of a problem are key success factors. They prevent the start of a negative vibe amongst users and actually boost the circulation of positive feedback. We prefer to dedicate more time at the beginning of the project, which for certain will yield return on investment later down the road”. Quadvlieg explains: “The focus is on functionality rather than technique. The basis has to be the way people work with a system. Our goal is to ensure that this is done as smoothly as possible.”

Serious gaming for adoption
The necessity of providing effective training during the adoption stages of Lync is obvious to Twente University. Which is one of the reasons why Quadvlieg was interested in becoming involved in the development of a serious game that will help ease and simplify the adoption of Lync and Skype for Business for users. This serious game is currently being developed by StartReady and gamestudio IJsfontein. 

Quadvlieg is a member of the consultative group that supports the development of the serious game and gives insight into practical issues they have encountered. “Serious gaming as a concept is very interesting and I am curious to discover the advantages that are achieved through playful learning, versus the adoption period needed when using traditional training methods.” Quadvlieg expects the advantages to be three-fold: For starters setting up a game is allot easier to arrange, than the organisation of classical training lessons. Meaning direct time-saving benefits for an organisation. I expect that the playing of a game goes allot quicker than following a classical lesson. Second, people can play a game at their own pace and at a time of their choice. The third plus is interaction. Making the game exciting. Through the playing of a virtual game, users actually experience how Lync works”.

The vision to use a serious game comes from StartReady. Within the consultative group various parties offer input. For instance about what should be a priority in a serious game and which elements are important to emphasize. Providing StartReady and IJsfontein with valuable feedback about the compatibility of the game with regard to true workplace situations. It is important to Quadvlieg to be a contributor based on experience and to be able to provide input that will help with the development of a product. “We have gained allot of insight and experience with the introduction of Lync at the university, how it was received by our employees and understanding their needs. In sharing this knowledge, together we can achieve that virtual training will perfectly cater to the requirements of future Lync users.