A playful way to encourage adoption Skype for Business

Skype for Business connects people and makes communication and collaboration more effective. However, employees can struggle to apply the communications tool into their work methods. Finding Victor is a serious game that makes the adoption of Skype for Business easier and more fun. Users solve a mystery by working with all the features Skype for Business provides, while being supported by virtual coaches. Upon completion, players are familiar with everything the tool has to offer and how to apply it in their daily work.

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Learn by doing

Finding Victor is not a standard training method. Players are persuaded to incorporate Skype for Business into their daily routine by actually working with the tool. With each new challenge, the player is encouraged to use messaging or call contacts, to share documents or set up conference calls. Employees learn to take full advantage of the functionalities by experiencing all the features in their own UC-client. This ‘active learning’ methodology has proven to be far more effective for remembrance than classic classroom training.

Playful learning supported by research

Employees need to be instructed when a company introduces new technology. This usually means workshops or training sessions, whether online or in a classroom. Research shows that these traditional methods have serious disadvantages. The principle of the ‘learning pyramid’ tells us that a person is able to remember information up to eight times better when they have been actively involved with the material as opposed to when they have to read the information or listen to someone talk about it.

Several studies have shown that information taught through playful learning is better remembered and easier to apply (see Winn, for example). In addition, traditional training usually takes place in a mock up environment, which is never the same as the user’s workplace client. Leading to deviations from the user environment.

Finding Victor is a complete user training for Skype for Business. The advanced version includes even telephony features. Every employee can make their own language choice: English or Dutch.

User training Skype for      Business

Presence information, instant messaging,
add contacts, pc-to-pc audio and video,
create groups, set up a status alert, collaborate
with people in the Skype network, and more.

  €9,95 per user

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Advanced training Skype for Business

All features of the user training,
complemented with the functionality
of Skype for Business for enterprise voice.

  €12,95 per user

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StartReady is a specialist in Microsoft based Unified Communication solutions. First Microsoft Lync, now Skype for Business. StartReady offers a complete solution that enables companies to optimize their communication and collaboration, for both SMEs and enterprises, both on-premise and in the cloud. StartReady is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, Premier Support Partner and Skype for Business Launch Partner.

IJsfontein is one of the largest studios for playful learning in Europe. IJsfontein designs and develops playful (digital) learning based on the belief that people are naturally curious and intrinsically motivated to develop themselves. Examples include a serious game or gamification project for the purposes of personnel training, interactive experiences for museums, or cross-platform digital methodology for primary education.